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California Water Fix Coalition
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About California Water Fix Coalition
The Water Fix Group came together because California’s water system is now in a chronic state of crisis and the array of solutions that must be implemented will take the better part of the next two decades to complete. The group sought to find common ground on the actions that must be taken to ensure water security for the State for the balance of this century. As a consequence of these conversations, we now share a better understanding of each other’s needs and a commitment to solutions that work as well as possible for all of us. We entered into these discussions knowing how difficult it is to reach 100% consensus, particularly on a subject as complex and controversial as California water. Despite the level of controversy, the group reached agreement on 10 principles to guide an integrated approach to supporting a vibrant economy and restoring a healthy environment. The group further discussed framework of actions that represent an example of how such an integrated approach could be implemented in the next 15 years.

The signatories and a growing list of supporters affirm that there is no single solution to California’s water challenges. Comprehensive, integrated actions and investments are needed to sustain the state through the 21st Century.
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